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From lease to e-lease

Do it E-asy!

From lease to e-lease? Do it the E-asy way!

Want to lease electric cars but still have current leases running? Then do it the E-asy way! This is the easiest way to switch from a lease to an e-lease. If you are a member of Maastricht Bereikbaar as an employer, you can receive compensation for buying off your current lease and immediately start using electric vehicles. Via the link below you can read how the contribution-based scheme is set up, what conditions are attached to it, and how your employer can register for it.

For employers affiliated to Maastricht Bereikbaar 

This pilot fits in with the new Maastricht Bereikbaar programme, as it focuses on future-oriented driving for a better climate. We would like to help employers on the road to making their lease car fleet more sustainable more quickly and have developed a contribution-based scheme to buy off current lease contracts. The offer is limited, so quickly go and take a look at the possibilities of E-asy!

Contribution-based scheme for pilot scheme on converting leases (in Dutch)
Statement 'de-ministeun' (in Dutch)

If you are not an affiliated employer yet, contact our mobility agents for more information without any obligation. 

Ron Bissels
Projectleider Autoverduurzamende maatregelen


Go electric:

  • CO2 reduction
  • Future-proof fleet
  • Sustainable image for your company
  • Support from Zuid-Limburg Bereikbaar


Contact our mobility brokers: 

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