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Electric vehicles

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Electric vehicles: a growing trend

The number of electric vehicles is on the rise in the Netherlands, for both personal and business use. There were 163,000 registered e-car users in September 2019. In the coming years, the number of electric vehicles and charging points is expected to rise sharply. Visit rvo.nl to see the current number of electric vehicles on Dutch roads.

Employers play important role in Climate Agreement

The Climate Agreement has this to say about it: 'Given that more than half of all kilometres driven on Dutch roads are attributable to commuters, employers play an important role in making mobility more sustainable. The agreements with employers aim to increase the number of employers committed to reducing work-related traffic emissions and scaling up and rolling out best practices.'

Switching to electric vehicles

The question for all employers is when to switch to electric lease cars. Should the current lease contracts be extended? Zuid-Limburg Bereikbaar can help you make the transition to e-leasing. Go to Lease to e-lease made easy! for more information.

Revenue model on-site charging points

Installing charging points for electric vehicles is one way to take responsibility for sustainable mobility. But what are the benefits? And how do you recoup your investment? Charging points have a quick return on investment, often as short as five years. If you invest more than €2,500, you are also eligible for a grant. Go to Investing in your own charging points for more information.

Free advice

Are you interested in switching to electric vehicles or installing electric charging points on location? Our Autobewust team would be happy to help. Contact them for more information without any obligation.

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