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Want to invest in your own charging points?

Do it now and recoup your investment in no time

Electric vehicles on the road

Visit rvo.nl to see the current number of electric vehicles on Dutch roads. The question for all employers is: when is it interesting to install charging points? What are the benefits and how long does it take to recoup your investment?

Favourable revenue model

Charging points have a quick return on investment, often as short as five years, due to the difference in the wholesale rate employers pay for electricity (often €0.06/kWh) and the rate charged to users (e.g. €0.24).


If the investment exceeds €2,500, you may be eligible for a grant as part of the Environmental Investment Allowance (MIA). In some cases, this grant can amount to 36% of the investment amount, on top of your standard investment allowance. The Arbitrary Depreciation of Investment in Environmental Equipment (VAMIL) allows you to deduct 75% of the investment costs when you want, and provides a liquidity and interest advantage.

Free advice

Are you interested in investing in electric charging points at your location? Our Autobewust team would be happy to help. Contact them for more information without any obligation.

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Project leader Sustainable Driving Measures
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