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Are electric vehicles

for you?

Why drive an electric car?

Do you want to help the environment? Consider switching to an electric vehicle. More than a third of all Dutch travellers have considered switching to an electric car, because it's good for the environment, it's economical, and it's future-proof.

More information

Switching to an electric vehicle is not a decision that can be made lightly. Not knowing all of the advantages and disadvantages makes it harder to take the next step. We would be happy to provide you with more information about the price, the range, the charging points near you, and an overview of available models.

The alternative to fuel-driven cars

Rapid developments are increasingly breaking down barriers, and the government is committed to making electric vehicles available to everyone. Electric cars are a clean, comfortable, and efficient alternative to traditional fuel-driven cars and emit less CO2 (or none at all with sustainably generated electricity).

Electric car models 

The range of electric cars continues to grow, with lots of new models expected to hit the market in the near future. There are currently eighteen electric car models available today, with a maximum sales price of €50,000. For an overview of all available electric cars, visit the ANWB website. 

How far can you go? 

No one wants to run out of fuel mid-journey, and the thought of an electric car stopping before you reach your destination is even more unsettling. After all, how far can the battery possibly get you? While electric driving takes some getting used to, this particular concern goes away for most motorists within the first few trips.

The range

The range (the distance you can travel on a full battery) is increasing all the time and is currently about 264 kilometres on average. The actual range depends a lot on the circumstances, the most important of which is driving style, but weather also plays a role. These factors are the same for electric cars and fuel-driven cars.

Electric charging points in Maastricht

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Charging points in Maastricht

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