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Try an electric vehicle

for two weeks

Only for employees of affiliated partners

Time to discover electric vehicles!

50% of all traffic in the Netherlands is a result of people’s work. Together with your employer, this means that you can make an important contribution towards achieving the climate goal in relation to mobility. This includes your employer's fleet of lease vehicles as well as your commute with your private car.

If you would like to contribute and are considering switching to driving an electric car, then participate in the Discover the e-car campaign. 

The Zuid-Limburg Bereikbaar Programme Office has developed the ‘Discover the e-car’ campaign for employees of affiliated employers

How does it work?

Click here if your employer is affiliated with Zuid-Limburg Bereikbaar.

  • If your employer decides to take part in the Discover the e-car campaign, you can try out an e-car for two weeks from 1 February 2020. You can make a reservation for those two weeks from mid-January 2020 via ontdek-de-ecar.nl.
  • During the two-week trial period, people can freely use the trial e-car (for up to 2,000 km). Participants pay a personal contribution of €75 and sign for a limited personal risk amounting to €250
  • You will have a wonderful experience with one of the four great modern e-cars: the BMW-i3, Renault Zoé, Nissan Leaf, or Mini Electric (subject to availability)
  • After the trial period, you will receive an offer without obligation to purchase, lease, or share an electric car as your next car. That's how we can help you ‘make the move’ to electric driving.

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