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8 May 2019

Sustainable mobility also a key area during Limburg Leads

How can the business community and the government work together on the accessibility, traffic flow, CO2 reduction, and health and well-being of employees? In 2010, the Zuid-Limburg Bereikbaar Programme Office was founded to address these questions in South Limburg. The Programme Office works on smart and sustainable mobility and helps employers to bring together knowledge and skills and align these with their own business objectives. They will also be at Limburg Leads at the MECC on 15 and 16 May to share their vision.

The Limburg Leads business fair focuses on current, important themes such as circularity and sustainability, digitization, talent, and health, and presents an opportunity to share knowledge that can help the economy in the Euregio grow sustainably. Zuid-Limburg Bereikbaar adds another theme to this cluster: organizing combined strength in region in support of smart and sustainable mobility. After all, every move counts!

Showing our strength inside and outside

Inside at the fair, visitors to Limburg Leads can talk to Zuid-Limburg Bereikbaar's mobility brokers to see how, for example, future-oriented commuting by their own employees or a different logistics approach to transport flows can contribute to current business objectives.                                                                                                         

Together with employers, interest groups, knowledge institutes, mobility service providers, and government institutions, Zuid-Limburg Bereikbaar is working on changing behaviour in order to promote sustainable mobility. For example, we are focusing on encouraging the increased use of bicycles, public transport, P+R locations, and trying to further discourage the use of cars. What is new is the focus on more effective and environmentally friendly car use. Another new aspect in this programme is that we are working on a more area-based approach for city centres and economic core areas. Approximately 40 companies in South Limburg, including MECC Maastricht, have joined us.  

Outside in car park P5, visitors to Limburg Leads are invited to take part in the 'Give your tyres some air' (Geef je banden lucht) campaign. On average, 60% of cars in the Netherlands have under-inflated tyres, and drivers miss out on opportunities to drive more safely, use less fuel, and emit less CO2. Anyone who participates in the 'Give your tyres some air' campaign will receive useful tips to help them get started and their tyres will be inflated immediately if needed.                                                                                           

MECC Maastricht has participated in the ‘Give your tyres some air’ campaign before. ‘Safety and sustainability are what we focus on every single day,’ says general director Rob van de Wiel. ‘Every day, we offer our visitors, suppliers, and employees an environment that is as safe and sustainable as possible. That's why we fully welcome campaigns like Give your tyres some air’!

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