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18 February 2019

Mobility and quality of life go hand in hand

For 2019, Zuid-Limburg Bereikbaar and its partners have made agreements to work on future-proof travel for visitors, residents, employers, and employees of Maastricht. We can already see the results of the first projects that combine mobility and quality of life to create a welcoming city centre.

Having ensured the accessibility of the city and the region during the construction of the A2 tunnel and the Noorderbrug bridge, we are now taking the next step. Gert-Jan Krabbendam, chairman of the Zuid-Limburg Bereikbaar steering committee and member of the municipal executive at the municipality of Maastricht, explains, ‘Our ambitions go much further. Now, visitors are pretty familiar with the travel information we provide on zuidlimburgbereikbaar.nl. A significant next step is to make traffic more sustainable, so that we improve not only the accessibility, but also improve the quality of life and the air quality.’ 

Supplying hotel and catering establishments in an intelligent way

Together with Hanos, Sligro, Daily Fresh Food, Bidfood, and Becker-Royen, we are working on a cleaner and quieter supply for the hotel and catering businesses on Onze Lieve Vrouweplein square, Vrijthof square, and Markt square in Maastricht. By this summer, we hope that the lorries that now park and leave their diesel engines running for cooling will be connected to electricity. The locations of these power outlets will be determined by the municipality, residents, and business owners, following consultations. 

E-bikes for transport

Another way we could ensure hotel and catering establishments are stocked quietly and cleanly is through the use of e-cargo bikes for goods transport. Business owners can test Zuid-Limburg Bereikbaar’s electric cargo bike for their company for two weeks. Take a look at all the options at www.logistiekbereikbaar.nl.

Smart collection of waste

In Maastricht's Wyck district, we are currently investigating how we can collect commercial waste in a smarter way. It's about time, because many shop owners, hotel and catering establishments, and residents still sort their waste for separate disposal. Many business owners even have their own waste collectors. Together, we are looking at how we can combine logistical processes and in doing so work with fewer waste collectors.

Follow-up to Maastricht’s approach to cycling

A new way to supply businesses and a new way to collect waste. Thinking and acting differently to benefit mobility and quality of life in the city centre is a long-term process, which also applies to our use of bicycles. Last year, the municipality of Maastricht tasked Zuid-Limburg Bereikbaar with conducting an informational and awareness campaign to reduce nuisance caused by bicycles at Stationsplein square and promote the use of the new underground bicycle-parking facility. The combination of information and education, employing bicycle coaches, and enforcement has given good results. We will follow up on this approach in 2019. Furthermore, from 1 March onwards, we will start working on preparations for an approach to cycling in Helmstraat and Kattenstraat. As each location is different in its own way, we will look for solutions that work for each location and which measures can be taken where. Changing behaviour requires constant effort.

Désirée Florie
Projectleider communicatie
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