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8 March 2019

Closure of P+R Maastricht Zuid on 29 March 2019

P+R car parks on the outskirts of Maastricht play an important role in reducing traffic congestion in the city centre. In 2018, 160,000 commuters used P+R Maastricht Noord but P+R Maastricht Zuid lagged behind with just 5,500 users. The Municipality of Maastricht, Zuid-Limburg Bereikbaar, Arriva, and MECC Maastricht have decided to close down P+R Maastricht Zuid as of 29 March and to look for other promising locations.

P+R Maastricht Zuid, located in the parking garage P5 of MECC Maastricht, opened in 2017 as a trial for drivers from the south and east of Maastricht to keep the city centre accessible during the closure of the Noorderbrug bridge and on busy days. Visitors and commuters could park free of charge at P+R Maastricht Zuid if they travelled on to the city centre with bus numbers 1, 5 (at a regular fare), or 10 (for €2 per person for a day return).

Parking guides and information along the way

Since its opening in 2017, this P+R car park has been continuously advertised with parking guides on busy days and with Dynamic Route Information Panels (DRIPS) along the road. Despite all this promotion, the number of users lagged behind. It appears that the distance from the motorway to the P+R and the distance to the bus stop are too large.

Alternative options

After 29 March, you can still park at the MECC P5 car park at the regular rate of a maximum of €15 per day. Visitors and commuters can use P+R Noord instead. Parking here is always free and travelling to the city centre of Maastricht by bus, train, or bicycle is cheap. In this way, the collaborating partners offer the current users of P+R Maastricht Zuid the alternative of trying P+R Maastricht Noord for free for one month to see if it is a suitable replacement.

Searching for promising P+R locations

The pilot of P+R Zuid and the experiences with P+R Noord have made it clear what works and what does not work well. In the meantime, the Municipality of Maastricht, the Province of Limburg, Zuid-Limburg Bereikbaar, and Arriva will continue to look for other promising P+R locations.

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