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27 May 2019

Businesses in Maastricht join forces to save energy

On Monday afternoon 27 May, Gert-Jan Krabbendam, Chairman of the Sustainability Executive Committee of the Municipality of Maastricht, met with the employees of nineteen different companies who all share the ambition to start using less energy. The group got together during a knowledge session at Maastricht's town hall organized by the Maastrichts Energie Akkoord (Maastricht Energy Agreement, MEA) for industry (MEA Industry).

MEA Industry is a public-private partnership between municipalities, industrial companies, knowledge partners, and service parties. Since 2016, MEA Industry has been working together with municipalities, businesses, and citizens on the goal to reduce CO2 emissions by 49% by 2030 compared with 1990 levels.

Great potential

Eleven participating companies and eight prospective members exchanged information about energy-saving measures during the knowledge session. At a number of companies, the savings are exactly the same as in residential homes: switching to LED lighting, buying more efficient equipment, and switching off what you don't use. However, due to the large scale on which this is implemented at companies, both the investments and the results are much more extensive.

Obligation to Provide Information on energy saving

Although a great deal is already being done, the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate pointed out that small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) have not yet implemented many viable energy-saving measures. The Environmental Management Act (Wet milieubeheer) has therefore been tightened up by means of the Obligation to Provide Information. All organizations with an energy consumption in excess of 25,000 m3 of gas or 50,000 kWh of electricity must report their energy-saving measures by 1 July.

A boost for reducing CO2

Approximately 900 companies in the Maastricht region are invited to submit their energy savings via the www.rvo.nl website. Lists of recognized measures have been drawn up for each sector. The provision of information can give a boost to energy saving in the business sector and thus to CO₂ reduction in the Netherlands.

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