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23 April 2019

Band op Spanning at WML Maastricht

Waterleiding Maatschappij Limburg (Limburg water company, WML) is one of the 40 large companies affiliated with the Zuid-Limburg Bereikbaar Programme Office for the promotion of sustainable mobility. On Monday 15 April, tyre pressure checks on 132 cars were conducted at WML's car park.  Zuid-Limburg Bereikbaar spoke to Nicole Hermans, Esther van Bun, and Erwin de Bruin of WML.

It was the perfect moment to launch the Band op Spanning campaign. ‘One of our distribution teams was visiting our offices in Maastricht for a work meeting on that day. So, there were more people and more service vehicles parked on our car park, which meant that many of the vehicles could get their tyre pressure checked,’ says Esther van Bun. ‘WML is investing heavily in energy savings and in making the organization more sustainable. The Band op Spanning (right tyre pressure) campaign motivates the WML employees to take a critical look at their own driving.’ 

Nicole, Esther, and Erwin are positive about the Band op Spanning campaign. ‘It makes sense to reduce CO2 , but people don't immediately see the results of their efforts. However, saving money is something that everyone can get behind,’ explains Erwin de Bruin, coordinator of the climate neutral programme at WML. WML has an impressive fleet with 200 vehicles, 70 of which are company vans.  

Maastricht Energy Agreement 

About three years ago, Waterleiding Maatschappij Limburg (Limburg water company, WML) was one of the first companies in Maastricht to sign the Maastricht Energy Agreement (MEA). In this agreement, WML set out its ambition to reduce the carbon footprint of its own operations by 10% by 2020 compared to 2013. WML would like to set an example for sustainable mobility for people and companies in the region.  

Creating awareness in the company 

Nicole Hermans, acting sector manager Business Support and member of the management team, indicates that awareness among employees is important in the process of structurally improving sustainability as an organization. People need to start looking whether it's possible to carpool with a colleague or how they can reduce the number of trips. Nicole also notices that colleagues are working more and more with the environment in mind – and independent of time and place – by holding meetings via Skype.  

Nicole's just had her tyre pressure checked, and she enthusiastically shows her control card. ‘It's great to see how much CO2 I'm saving now that my tyres are at the right pressure. And the money that I save on fuel as a result is a nice bonus! The card also shows the tyre pressure recommended by the manufacturer.’ 

Future-oriented driving 

WML is constantly taking further steps to make sure its vehicle fleet is fit for the future. WML has set up six charging stations at its head office and six at other WML branches in Echt, Linne, and Beegden, so that employees can charge their electric cars for free while they are at work. More and more employees are now making use of these charging stations. Esther sometimes overhears the conversations between her colleagues about the need to be at the office early, so that you can park at one of the charging stations. You can see that electric cars are becoming more popular, but Esther has one point for attention. ‘The southern part of the country has a limited number of stations compared with the middle and west of the country.’ 

WML also has a school bus, used for trips and excursions, that runs of synthetic diesel. This makes the carbon footprint of the bus 89% lower than a bus that uses normal diesel.   

What are the plans for the future?  

WML plans to offer the 'Ontdek de e-bike’ (Discover the e-bike) campaign again in 2019. ‘This campaign enjoyed great success before,’ says Nicole. ‘Many WML employees now commute on their e-bike, and WML has also purchased two e-bikes that are used often.’ It would be great if more employees started using the e-bike! 

WML is also looking to collaborate with other companies and individuals near to its offices and locations in order to share electric cars with each other. ‘It would be great if other companies or individuals in the area can use our cars when we're not using them,’ says Esther. 

Band op Spanning at P+R Maastricht Noord 

It's not only important for WML's employee to drive with the correct tyre pressure – it's important for you, too. Zuid-Limburg Bereikbaar is here to support you. Soon, the Band op Spanning team will be offering their services at P+R Maastricht Noord once again. Keep an eye on our website and social media for the exact dates.

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