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Elektrische Auto Nissan Leaf
19 June 2020
If you want to make your fleet more sustainable, then do the EV scan!

Do you want to ensure that your employees will (continue to) travel safely and sustainably? Then have an EV Scan performed to switch to an electric...

Elektrisch Rijden
19 June 2020
Subsidy for the purchase of an electric car

From 4 June 2020, private individuals will be eligible for a subsidy when leasing or purchasing a new or used electric car.

Vermijd Drukte
25 May 2020
Gradual easing of measures: avoid crowds

When many people gather together, coronavirus can quickly spread. That's why measures have been introduced in many aspects of our lives to prevent ...

Grensovergang Foto
8 April 2020
Update 6 April: Road closures of border crossings with Belgium

Belgium is currently enforcing stricter measures than the Netherlands. Only essential travel is permitted. If you want to cross the border with Bel...

Virus 4835301 1920
24 March 2020
Controlling the spread of coronavirus

The measures taken to combat coronavirus mean a whole range of activities have been cancelled. Although strict, these measures are understandable a...

Grensovergang Foto
24 March 2020
Road closures of small border crossings with Belgium

In order to prevent cut-through traffic, the smaller access roads to Belgium have been or will be completely closed off. If you are part of the gro...

Held Van De Dag Elektrische Bakfiets 01
18 March 2020
‘Heroes on the road’ campaign temporarily suspended

Everyone has the potential to be a hero. Journeys from A to B can often be made in a smarter, safer, or more sustainable way. South Limburg needs m...

Held Van De Dag Elektrische Bakfiets 01
10 March 2020
Start of a new campaign: Show your inner hero

Everyone has the potential to be a hero. Journeys from A to B can often be made in a smarter, safer, or more sustainable way.

Band op Spanning Heerlen Het Loon
3 March 2020
Fuel-efficient tyres and correct tyre pressure: saving CO‏2 and money

Car tyres come in all different shapes and sizes: winter tyres, summer tyres, and all-weather and all-season tyres. Each tyre has different mainten...

Monitor Verkeersveiligheid 2019
29 January 2020
Traffic safety: which steps can you take?

We know cycling is good for you, but it does expose you to dangers. This is according to findings in the Monitor Verkeersveiligheid 2019 (Traffic s...

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