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Traveler info
18 February 2019
Mobility and quality of life go hand in hand

For 2019, Maastricht Bereikbaar and its partners have made agreements to work on future-proof travel for visitors, residents, employers, and employ...

Cover Jaarverslag 2018 News
9 April 2019
Working together on a new programme

At the start of April, we released Zuid-Limburg Bereikbaar's annual report for 2018 titled: ‘Working together on a new programme’. Here, we will re...

Elektrisch Autorijden News
9 April 2019
Interested in electric cars or car sharing?

Zuid-Limburg Bereikbaar is known for its efforts to promote smart and sustainable mobility. This includes more effective and more environmentally f...

Band Op Spanning WML News
23 April 2019
Band op Spanning at WML Maastricht

Waterleiding Maatschappij Limburg (Limburg water company, WML) is one of the 40 large companies affiliated with the Maastricht Bereikbaar Programme...

P+R Maastricht Noord News
8 May 2019
Sustainable mobility also a key area during Limburg Leads

How can the business community and the government work together on the accessibility, traffic flow, CO2 reduction, and health and well-being of emp...

Limburg Leads 2019 News
20 May 2019
170 bedrijven deden mee aan Limburg Leads

Ondernemers en topmanagers van ruim 170 bedrijven hebben vorige week deelgenomen aan de zakelijke beurs Limburg Leads in Mecc Maastricht. Actuele t...

Band Op Spanning Johnson Matthey News
20 May 2019
Give your tyres some free air at P+R Maastricht Noord

By setting your tyres to the right pressure, your car is safer to drive, uses less fuel, and emits less CO2. Together with the Stichting Band op Sp...

Samenwerken Maastricht Energiebesparing News
27 May 2019
Businesses in Maastricht join forces to save energy

On Monday afternoon 27 May, Gert-Jan Krabbendam, Chairman of the Sustainability Executive Committee of the Municipality of Maastricht, met with the...

Aronnijsfotogr Mb Zomercampagne29mei 009 News
27 August 2019
Zuid-Limburgse MobiliteitsArena: seeing and experiencing mobility

On Friday 20 September, Zuid-Limburg Bereikbaar is organizing the Zuid-Limburgse MobiliteitsArena (South Limburg Mobility Arena) at the Shimano Exp...

Aronnijsfotogr Mb Zomercampagne29mei 009 News
10 September 2019
Zuid-Limburgse MobiliteitsArena mobility event offers inspiration

Business owners and policymakers deal with mobility on a daily basis. They have to think about matters such as sustainability, the advantages and d...

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