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Smart solutions for

mindful driving

Towards mindful driving

While there isn't always an alternative for driving in all situations or for all people, those who have to drive should try to be as efficient and as environmentally friendly as possible. We are happy to help commuters and employers in South Limburg become more mindful drivers through our smart campaigns.

For partners

  • From lease to e-lease: If you want to quickly make your corporate fleet more sustainable, a contribution-based scheme can help employers electrify their fleet by converting lease contracts into e-lease contracts.
  • Right tyre pressure: We want to encourage motorists to check their tyre pressure every two months, as it means that they can drive more safely, reduce their CO2 emissions, and save money. The Band op Spanning ('Right Tyre Pressure') team would be happy to make an appointment with partners on location.
  • Smart tyre pump: A smart tyre pump on location can help employees travel smarter. The right tyre pressure makes driving safer and helps to save costs, reduce CO2 output, and improve air quality.
  • Discover the e-car: Coming soon: Trial periods are being encouraged following the success of the Ontdek de e-bike ('Discover the e-bike') campaign. 
  • Boost the e-car: We are helping to ensure that the existing pools of e-service cars are put to more efficient use.

Our Autobewust mobility brokers and project leaders would be happy to help! Contact them for more information about the options and solutions for more mindful driving for you, your employees, or your organization.

Residents and commuters in South Limburg

All motorists can benefit from our mindful driving tips and the promotional offers as part of our Banden op Spanning('Right Tyre Pressure') and Slimme Bandenpomp ('Smart Tyre Pump') campaigns. Read all about it on our products and projects page. If you're interested in sustainable driving and you'd like to share your thoughts, feel free to contact us!

Ron Bissels
Project leader Sustainable Driving Measures
Marc Houben
Project leader Sustainable Driving Measures
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Mobility brokers team

For more information about helping your employees drive mindfully, contact one of our mobility brokers.

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